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Developing logically analysis and concepts and communicating with upper management:
Internal trainings for members of the executive committee and middle management

Atopia for strategy development and customer enthousiasm. Learn more about in our GCN Newsletter Spring 2017 or contacting Christoph Grossmann

Transfer pricing regiments, internal supply and delivery contracts and management information. Please contact Christoph Grossmann for information.    

Managing Partners of GCN

Rudolf Bätscher   Christoph Grossmann   Rudolf Lürzer   Georg Kassowitz

First priority we give to the personal contact with our customers, business partners and everybody who is interested to know more about GCN Consulting.

Are you interested to know more about the team working for GCN? To know more about our services? Or about the way we are working? We invite you to go through our site and are looking forward to get in contact with you.
Most welcome of course are discussions with you abut possible projects. We had the opportunitiy to apply our experience and knowledge in close to 1000 projects. You can profit immediatel from our exerience, methodology and performance.

Your GCN Partners

Rudolf Bätscher, Christoph Grossmann, Rudolf Lürzer, Georg Kassowitz

We are working for you: Sounding Board, Second Opinion, Coaching, Consulting, Implementation.

Modeling and Simulation in Organizations:
Flight experience for management - Contributing to the improvement of management capacities in enterprises.

We are licensed consultant for organizations to apply for the certificate.  

The role of consultants has been wonderfully analysed by Peter Sloterdijk (in German):
Read the essay published in the NZZ of 18 February 2017 - for our clients, seen in the tradition of kings and princes.